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D. Orthodoxou & Son Construction & Development LTD

Customers should be aware that they are buying a property built by quality building materials and will surely not be disappointed with the results.

The price of any house or apartment is low in relation to construction materials.

Τhe location where a building will be built, is always chosen to be in a developing area.

All the houses and apartments are constructed in such a way that there is the possibility of developing a modern interior and exterior design.

You may have the land, but you want a construction company to build your new home. Not only we can undertake the construction, but we can also provide you with any service you want. Furthermore, we are open for cooperation with anyone.

The old become like new. Your property may need to be renewed, whether it is a home or other property.

We have the desired staff and the appropriate equipment so that we can provide services as subcontractors in a part of a larger project.

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